The ID Factory becomes a Benefit Company

What is a Benefit Company? What are the differences with the other companies? Is a good or convenient thing becoming a Benefit Company?

The ID Factory promotes innovative traceability systems that make the flow of information and materials along the production chain in the fashion world simple, transparent and monitorable to guide all the players involved in a co-evolution path towards a strategic approach oriented towards sustainability.

And the continuous improvement of the credibility and of the practices adopted for the creation of shared value.

In the fashion world, criticized and accused of being one of the most polluting industries, The ID Factory’s goal is to promote a new way of doing business, going beyond the now obsolete business model that no longer meets the needs of the today and future generations.

This is why The ID Factory has become a Benefit company, formalizing its commitment to the common good.

What is a Benefit Company?

Benefit Corporation is a legal status admitted in Italy since January 1, 2016 designed for companies that, in addition to making a profit, pursue the goal of maximizing their positive impact on the environment and society.

This was possible thanks to the American non-profit B Lab which promoted the movement of the B Corporation and the legal form of the Benefit Corporation all over the world.

In Italy, Nativa, the first Benefit Company in Europe and the first Certified B Corporation® in Italy, is doing an excellent job promoting and guiding companies, including The ID Factory, on this path of sustainability and creation of a positive impact.

The ID Factory firmly believes that adopting a sustainable approach is the prerequisite and the necessary condition for long-term company growth.

In the formulation of the corporate strategy there are always actions that try to minimize the negative impact on the environment and actions that support employees, training and involving them in every decision-making process and promoting full integration between private and working life.


Watch the interview with Sustainability Specialist Martina Schiuma in the webinar promoted by 4 Sustainability “The good face of finance: sustainability seduces capital”:

Which is the next goal of The ID Factory as Benefit Company?

Particular attention is also paid to the community, the company puts itself at the service of the territory by promoting projects and initiatives aimed at creating well-being and shared value.

The ID Factory sets itself the objectives of continuous improvement in the services offered, in the process and in the actions to be taken to create an increasingly positive impact on the planet.

It is nice to know that we are part of a growing network of companies, who want to make their mark by adopting a new way of business that will benefit the environment and society not only today but, above all, for future generations.

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