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Have you ever thought about the value of the clothes you wear?

We are not talking about the economic value, but the story they tell: think about once you wore a jacket and received good news or that backpack that was your friend on a trip.

In the fashion industry, many companies are committed to making the market more sustainable, trying in every way to change the purchasing behavior of consumers, explaining why they should give up fast fashion products.

According to Better World Fashion, however, we should work on the mindset: if a customer wants to change clothes frequently, he can stop buying anonymous, mass-produced products and choose recycled and upcycled items.

That’s why Better World Fashion has launched its leasing service: you can take a jacket, and you can return it whenever you want, even if it is ruined. Once back in the team’s hands, it could be transformed into a laptop bag.

At that point, it will not be just a bag but a product with a story to tell. The sentimental value wins over the economic one and makes the product you choose truly unique.

We are talking about it today with Lars Olesen, Partner & Chairman at Better World Fashion.

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Topics of the interview

00:00 Presentation

00:13 What is the purpose of Better World Fashion?

03:18 How it is that energy efficient and what’s the impact of reusing these materials?

05:20 Which was the vision and mission that made the Better World Fashion start its business?

10:28 When have you decided to become a b corp and why you are a b corp company?

11:44 You can share something with the b companies that want to become b corp?

15:32 How being a purpose driving company really affects the way you take decisions in the company?

17:56 How do you communicate this story?

21:08 How can you make them understand the real value behind this product?

23:56 How do you think the fashion industry should change in the future?

27:30 A good practice you want to share and the bad practice you have learned to avoid?

About Better World Fashion

If you want to see a real change in the fashion industry and in the way customers consume fashion, you don’t have to change their behavior, but their mindset. We’ve discussed about it with Lars Olesen, Partner & Chairman at Better World Fashion, a sustainability pioneer in the fashion industry. They use a sustainable business model, where jackets are either sold with a buyback guarantee or rented to the consumer. This ensures that the resources are recycled and does not leave the closed leather cycle.

To watch the complete interview, click on the video.

What is B Corp B Fashion?

B Corp B Fashion aims to put together in one place all fashion b-corps and fashion brands want to become it. We want to promote regenerative and sustainable fashion, sharing the best practices from consolidated realities, newcomers, and curious people from the fashion world who want to know the B Corp world and its business way.

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