“A little over 4 years ago, identifying internal sourcing activities, monitoring daily operation, and finding the root causes of problematic orders, and forming a strategic business intelligence, we realized it is extremely complex and time-consuming tasks for the company who have ranges of products in variety of geographically locations.

The ID Factory have come to us to inform the existence of simple platform as the solution without promoting bureaucracy workflow which we will never approach. It has proved itself for last 2 years it is one of most successful IT introductions in our company.

The effectiveness of the system and it delivers real-time information of traceability and transparency in the regards of basic performance of our producers. It also allows us to oversee and report in the ways of handling material supply chain.

Traceability Platform

Due to the success, taking a further step is understandably developed such as product safety, quality detail, material purchase and so forth that we demanded to administrate.

It was again to prove the availability of key production indexes provides the satisfactions by having larger upgrades of managerial aspects.

We believe that having highly integrated platform is desirable of greater success for supply chain management by putting such service on a consented foundation among business partners.

We have asked ourselves couple questions regarding to going greater degree of IT integration in footwear management without answering them.

We have brought ourselves into current stage because we believe it is desirable, in such complexity of global operation, to put IDF on a consented foundation among business partners, directly transparent information, clear accountability of performance, and with the powers of technology in a clear languages.

There are steps going forward in a developing comprehensive tool from the ID factory and I believe that it is a wise.”

 Robert Hung, Head of Material Novi Footwear Co Ltd

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