Guest - Elvis & Kresse

“Why produce waste every season, when we can use what already exists and transform it into something new, which people can appreciate?”

Do you agree with Kresse Wesling, co-founder of Elvis & Kresse?

It is no coincidence that the brand’s formula is based on three pillars: rescue, transform and donate.

Rescue materials that would go to landfills; transform them into something new; donate part of the proceeds to those who need it most, whether they are people or the planet.

According to Kresse, it is essential to give back, which is why today she has two full-time jobs: from 9 am to 5 pm she is a designer, from 5 pm to 9 pm she is a farmer.

It is rare to find a company that is at the two ends of the supply chain: both fashion brand and producer of raw materials.

When we asked her how it is possible to be so engaged, she said: “How can you not be? Whatever you produce, you must know where the raw materials come from, how they are produced, how they impact the world. Otherwise, how can you know if your product meets the needs of the target, and how do you make sure it is done in the best possible way?”

A transition for the entire fashion industry is needed: it does not take time but requires willpower. If you are curious to learn more, we are waiting for you in our new episode.



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Topics of the interview

00:00 Presentation

00:15 What’s the reason behind your business?

01:09 What are your vision and mission?

03:07 Why have you decided to become a B Corp and this choice is helping you to achieve your purpose?

05:05 What do you think is the biggest challenge as a B Corp?

07:11 How can you manage to be a fashion luxury brands and, at the same time, a farmer?

11:17 How do you reduce the waste throughout the supply chain?

13:59 What is your biggest achievement?

15:04 Do you think being b corp has supported you in a road map or measuring your impact to improving it?

18:54 In your opinion, why a fashion company should become B Corp?

20:32 Share with us three good practices

21:25 Tell us three things you have learned to avoid

22:56 What changes would you like to see in fashion in the next year?

About Elvis & Kresse

What means being at both opposite ends of the fashion supply chain, as a brand and a farmer at the same time? And why it is essential?

We’ve discussed about with Kresse Wesling, co-founder of Elvis & Kresse, a brand that since 2005 has been rescuing raw materials, transforming them into luxury lifestyle accessories and donating 50% of profits back to charities.

In 2017 the Burberry Foundation partnered with Elvis & Kresse to tackle the even greater global problem of leather waste.

This Five-year partnership will see at least 120 tonnes of leather off-cuts from Burberry transformed into new luxury items, designed and sold by Elvis & Kresse.

What is B Corp B Fashion?

B Corp B Fashion aims to put together in one place all fashion b-corps and fashion brands want to become it. We want to promote regenerative and sustainable fashion, sharing the best practices from consolidated realities, newcomers, and curious people from the fashion world who want to know the B Corp world and its business way.

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