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Topics of the interview

00:00 Presentation

01:00 Tell us about your job

03:14 What made you start, Luigi, your business in sustainability?

04:15 What is Euro Brand Management actually doing in sustainability?

05:30 What do you think is the biggest and most urgent problem about sustainability your clients are facing?

07:14 Which approach is the most effective to tackle the environmental problem of the fashion industry?

08:10 If you have a magic power, what would you do to make the fashion industry more sustainable?

10:03 Why the B-corp certification is so important?

12:05 B-corp is a guiding tool towards sustainability for standarding performance measurement

“What do you think is the biggest and most urgent problem about sustainability your clients are facing?”

Do you have a footwear brand? Then you have to listen to Luigi Grosso, Director Sales and Marketing at Euro Brand Management, a company specialized in providing sustainable product and optimal service solutions in regards to packaging, loading and transportation optimizations that conform to the fast developing environmental norms and standards.

Find out which is the biggest and most urgent problem you have to face.

Euro Brand Management: Leading the Way in Sustainable Footwear and Packaging

In an engaging interview with Luigi Grosso, the Managing Director of Euro Brand Management (EBM), we explore the company’s pioneering role in sustainable practices within the footwear industry. Established in 2007, EBM specializes in providing sustainable products and service solutions in packaging, loading, and transportation, conforming to evolving environmental norms and standards. As a certified B Corporation since July 2015, EBM exemplifies a commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

The Genesis and Mission of Euro Brand Management

Luigi Grosso, with his extensive experience in leading footwear companies like Nike and Timberland, founded EBM to address the environmental impacts of the footwear and apparel industries. The company’s mission is rooted in a passion for the environment, guided by sustainability principles. EBM’s approach is centered around four pillars: environmental, social, economic, and institutional sustainability.

The Role of Leadership in Sustainability

Grosso emphasizes the importance of CEOs embodying their core values and not delegating these principles to outsiders. He cites examples of leaders like Paul Polman of Unilever and Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia, who have made significant differences in the world through their commitment to sustainability.

Addressing Supply Chain Challenges

A key realization for Grosso was the significant environmental impact of the global footwear supply chain. EBM focuses on reducing excess raw materials and plastics, sourcing materials from protected environments, and optimizing the supply chain to lower costs and environmental footprints.

The Importance of Consumer Behavior

EBM recognizes the shift in consumer behavior towards purpose-driven and transparent brands. Millennials and Gen X are increasingly favoring brands that respect the environment, which is expected to significantly impact the footwear industry.

Tackling Fear of Change in the Industry

One of the biggest challenges in the footwear industry is the fear of changing established supply chains. Grosso notes that brands with transparency in their supply chain find it easier to implement sustainable practices. He stresses the urgent need to protect global forests and fight climate change.

The Role of Technology in Sustainable Fashion

Grosso believes that technology is a key factor in transitioning to a greener economy. Initiatives like Nike’s regrind and Vivobarefoot’s Revivo demonstrate how technology and consumer environmental consciousness can intertwine to create sustainable solutions.

The Impact of B Corp Certification

EBM’s journey to B Corp certification involved aligning their business practices with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. This process transformed their business model, focusing not just on economic objectives but also on social and environmental dimensions.


Euro Brand Management’s journey highlights the critical role of leadership, consumer behavior, and technology in driving sustainable practices in the footwear industry. By focusing on comprehensive sustainability and embracing B Corp principles, EBM is not only contributing to a greener industry but also setting a standard for others to follow.

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