Worldwide Talks 2023

“Fashion identity it’s not only about what it’s made of, but it’s also about what the identity you want to wear and what impact you want to have”

On February 7th and 8th, we took part in the 8th edition of Worldwide Talks 2023 in New York City.

A 2-day event, one fully physical and one fully digital, organized by Fashinnovation, a global platform that fosters innovation & entrepreneurship.

Worldwide Talks is a conference where Fashion, Technology & Entrepreneurship merge via conversations/discussions on various themes including design, sustainability, manufacturing, etc.

Our Head of Sustainability, Martina Schiuma, attended with her speech entitled “Fashion Is Identity: Unlocking the Power of Digital ID for Traceability”.

Fashion Is Identity: Unlocking the Power of Digital ID for Traceability

If you want to deep dive the topic and listen to Martina, click the video below.

Why “Identity” is one of the main reasons we wear?

Fashion is more than just an industry: it’s an identity.

When you go to buy an item of clothing, it could be a suit, a pair of shoes or a bag you want to communicate about yourself, about your identity.

It always has been and always will be. Fashion has always been a way for individuals to express their identity and style.

But do we know the story behind the clothes we wear? Do you know their identity?

According to the Fashion Transparency Index by Fashion Revolution,

only 10% of top fashion brands disclose information about where their products have been produced and the suppliers of their raw materials.

The fashion industry was not designed to be transparent, but this lack can no longer be ignored.

When we speak about identity, we should know the story behind the clothes we wear. 

As Vivienne Westwood said: “My clothes have a story, they have an identity, they have a character and a purpose. That’s why they become classics. Because they keep on telling a story. They are still telling a story.”

What impact do you wear? We don’t know!

Martina Schiuma at Worldwide Talks 2023, photo credits Fashinnovation

“We don’t know what’s identity of what we buy. We don’t know where our clothes come from, and therefore, we cannot measure what is the impact of fashion on our society and our economy.”

The fashion world has an impact on the planet and we should know what impact we want to have by wearing those clothes and what identity we want to wear.

“It’s not only about what it’s made of, it’s about what the identity you want to wear and what impact you want to have. The reality is that there was no answer and solution to the problem because without Traceability, we are not able to take action. Without traceability we are not able to identify the owner of the process, which material, which chemicals.

At The ID Factory, we believe that fashion should have a positive impact on the environment and society and that we should know who is responsible for the problem.

We support brands to give them back the identity of the clothes thanks to traceability, supporting fashion brands and suppliers to collect entire information about the materials and processes used to create a product. 

Traceability is about having DATA, is about having reliable, high quality data coming from the supply chain to actually empower bands and corporates to identify problems and take action. It can have a positive impact on productivity, employee engagement, and worker welfare.

Data is the keyword in a fashion industry highly fragmented and globalized. 

Data will be key for the development and adoption of a common data language.

How to get this data?

Martina Schiuma at Worldwide Talks 2023 with a guest, photo credits Fashinnovation

The primary data reached thanks to smart tags allows for tracking of each material until the final process has been completed. By tracking the raw material flows thanks to the creation of unique digital identity that is linked to the specific product, specific piece textile until the final product.

This level of traceability ensures that the supply chain is transparent and that we can make informed decisions about the clothes we wear. 

Technology is a key driver for change: we need technology to change the industry for the better.

We believe that by knowing the story behind the clothes we wear, and the impact that the fashion industry has on the environment and society, we create a more transparent and sustainable world.

How The ID Factory can help your brand

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