Paving the Way for a Sustainable Fashion Future

From September 25th to 28th, we had the privilege of participating in the esteemed Global Fashion Summit held in Boston. This international event stands as a confluence point for renowned fashion experts, pioneering industry leaders, and committed stakeholders.

Their collective aim? To engage in meaningful dialogue that champions the cause of sustainability, ensuring that the fashion industry moves towards a net-positive trajectory: Ambition to Action

The Global Fashion Summit carries a lofty aspiration: to steer the entire fashion sector towards making a net positive contribution to society, the environment, and the global economy. In simpler terms, it seeks to ensure that the industry gives back more than it extracts or consumes.

The driving force behind this summit, CEO Federica Marchionni, articulated the event’s mission with clarity and passion. She emphasized the need to galvanize action, not just through such summits but through a multitude of avenues. Their strategy encompasses education, advocacy for legislative changes, and fostering industry-wide transformation. As she aptly put it, “Our primary role goes beyond mere influence; it’s about holistic education.”

She further elaborated, “Our mission is clear and tangible. We mobilize and act, as our summit and numerous reports attest. While we relentlessly advocate for legislative changes to push the industry towards sustainable practices, we recognize that the pace of transformation has been sluggish. Thus, we employ a multifaceted approach to address this challenge and accelerate change.”

Below are the highlights from this event:

The pinnacle of the Global Fashion Summit Boston 2023 was its Fashion CEO Agenda 2023

This report presents the development and implementation of leadership strategies that guide to a net-positive global fashion sector. It details actionable areas for brands, retailers, and manufacturers, providing a roadmap for positive change.

“Products created with fabrics, perhaps in Asia, then maybe produced in Europe, and possibly sold in the US – consumers need to understand its carbon footprint.”

This sentiment resonates deeply for us: we must be unwavering in our commitment to supply chain transparency. It’s our responsibility to educate, inform, and empower the end consumer.

Our overarching goal is to redefine how customers perceive fashion. We want them to see beyond the physical item, understanding and appreciating the global impact of their choices. Fashion should not just be about aesthetics or trends; it should be a reflection of the positive change one wants to see in the world.

We can improve what we can mesaure! Through transparent real-time information, change can occur by making smart choices: new materials and resource management, less water and land usage, more biodegradable or recyclable materials, and a return to the circularity of the supply chain.

Together, we can shape a future where fashion is both stylish and sustainable thanks data.

Other interesting points:

Circular Models:

Trove and Worldly presented their recent study, ‘Where Are Circular Models Effective Sustainability Strategies for Fashion Brands?’, which showcases how circular models are vital for brands aiming to reduce their emissions when merged with upstream supply chain initiatives. 

Alliance for Chemical Textile Recycling (ACTR):

In the Global Circular Fashion Forum session, the ACTR was introduced, symbolizing a consortium of textile chemical recyclers for cotton, polyester, and blends. The alliance aims to provide solutions concerning the textile industry’s effect on society, the environment, and businesses.


As exhibitors within the Innovation Forum, we shared our case study with fashion brand representatives looking for sustainable solutions along the value chain. In addition to fruitful conversations with possible customers and partners, what we takeaways from such events is immense energy and gratitude!

We strongly believe in reshaping the fashion industry, championing its shift into a system that gives back instead of extracts. We are profoundly committed to this vision, sharing it with our customers, partners, suppliers, stakeholders, and events.

So, a big thank you to Federica and the Global Fashion Summit team for fostering a hub of collaboration and connection with international leaders, industry gurus, and those who uphold these ideals.

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