The Digital Product Passport, the keyword of Lifestyle Innovation Day 2023

The Digital Product Passport is increasingly becoming a hot topic, and several fashion companies are implementing it, with different applications as needed.

Lifestyle Innovation Day 2023 – photo courtesy Dagorà

On Monday, March 13th, our founder, Massimo Brandellero, together with our Head of Sustainability, Martina Schiuma, were invited by one of our major brand clients, HUGO BOSS, to participate in Lifestyle Innovation Day 2023, an event organized by Dagorà LifeStyle Innovation Hub in Lugano.

The event was attended by several leading fashion brands, including some companies we have partnered with in recent years.

It was a day of innovation and technology, with the aim to reshaped fashion industry by starting from concrete case studies and best practices.

Main topics were: technological innovation, new circular economy business model, and sustainable practices to adopt.

Throughout the day’s speeches, one theme constantly returned and was given a large space: the Digital Product Passport.

A new milestone in the communication and purchasing process

Lifestyle Innovation Day 2023 – photo courtesy Dagorà

The Digital Product Passport (DPP) represents a new and necessary touchpoint in the customer’s engagement experience, as well as an enabler toward new circular and business models.

It is surprising, but also a positive sign, to see how many fashion brands have included the Digital Product Passport in their strategy for different purposes.


Barbara Cimmino, Head of CSR & Innovation at Yamamay, for example, said that DPP will enable the company to trace materials, nominating fabrics and components.

In addition, Yamamay will increasingly use Digital Product Passport to collaborate closely with suppliers (who will become technology partners, not just supply chain stakeholders), as well as a tool to support the company’s sustainability statements.

Hugo Boss

Christopher Koerber, General Manager Ticino at HUGO BOSS, sees DPP as a tool to ensure an immersive customer experience and make everything about the product traceability journey available.


Marco Formento, Global Innovation & ESG Director at DOLCE&GABBANA, said that the company has tied the DPP to 4 goals: offer customers more product transparency and traceability; more client-oriented supply chains; protection against counterfeiting and to encourage virtuous behavior; sustainable practices with the implementation of circular economy models.

Different applications of Digital Product Passport

Digital Product Passport is certainly a revolution that allows for different applications and can bring benefits on multiple levels:

• it can help companies to be compliant with the laws that are coming (or are already here), such as the French decree law, AGEC, or Due Diligence Law;
• it ensures an evolution of the relationship with the stakeholders, facilitating the transition from supply chain to value chain;
• it can become a trust enabler, going to strengthen the relationship with final customers.

The ID Factory’s Digital Product Passport

Are you a brand or work for a company that is interested in DPP and how to use it to grow your business and your relationship with customers, in a sustainable way?

If you are interested in learning more about The ID Factory’s Digital Product Passport and would like to test it, click here to book a free demo call with our consultants.

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