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On March 21st, the Luxury Innovation Symposium took place at the University of Macerata.

This event was the result of a collaborative effort between The ID Factory, a part of the YHub group, Future Fashion by Zakeke Group, and Limitless Innovation, presenting a unique opportunity to explore the dynamic intersection of Italian craftsmanship and cutting-edge innovations.

It was a unique opportunity to share visions by addressing topics such as digital innovation, artificial intelligence, traceability, sustainability, and much more.

Our CEO and Founder, Massimo Brandellero, contributed to reflections on how collaboration among producers, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, brands, institutions, academies, and fashion technology solution companies can redefine the boundaries of fashion production, focusing on innovation, sustainability, and technology.

Here’s an excerpt:

This event marked an exciting convergence of industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts at the Luxury Innovation Symposium held at the University of Macerata.

As the CEO and founder of The ID Factory, I am thrilled to share the transformative potential of technology in reshaping the fashion industry.

Under the theme “Made in Italy: Technology and Circular Economy for Fashion Value,” the symposium provided us with a unique platform to delve into the role of innovative technologies in driving sustainability and innovation along the fashion value chain.

During our presentation, Nicolò Giusti from Tommy Hilfiger showcased the groundbreaking work done in recent years for a more transparent supply chain.

The example of how our platform enables customers to enhance transparency throughout their global value chain, empowering them to make data-supported strategic decisions and facilitating the transition towards a more regenerative industry model.

The symposium was not only a forum for in-depth discussions but also a showcase of real-world applications of the latest technologies.

Through engaging presentations and live demonstrations, participants had the opportunity to witness firsthand how these innovations are making a tangible difference in the industry.

Furthermore, the roundtable discussions provided valuable opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange. It was inspiring to see industry leaders come together to share their experiences and insights, paving the way for a more sustainable and innovative future.

As we reflect on the Luxury Innovation Symposium, I am grateful for the opportunity to have been part of such a enriching event.

I extend my sincere thanks to the organizers, partners, speakers, and participants for their contribution to its success. Together, let us continue to harness the power of technology to drive positive change and shape the future of fashion.

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