The Art of Transparency

On November 12th, 2022, our founder, Massimo Brandellero, was on the stage of TEDxFormigine to give a speech entitled “The Art of Transparency.”

“Imagine wearing a trendy outfit, perhaps a colourful T-shirt and a pair of elegant shoes, and knowing all about their origins. Where it was produced, what sustainable practices were used, and how much water or CO2 was saved or consumed.
It may seem like a negligible detail, but what we wear every day has a huge impact on the environment and society.”

Massimo Brandellero, the founder of The ID Factory and an expert in the fashion industry, is here to explain why transparency in fashion is so important and urgent.

In his TEDxTalk entitled “The Art of Transparency“, Massimo shares his experiences in the fashion industry, from his travels to Asia to ongoing discussions with other experts, emphasizing the importance of knowing exactly where garments we wear come from.

Through his personal stories and the most significant moments, such as the “Detox My Fashion” campaign by Greenpeace, Massimo demonstrates how transparency and sustainability can make a difference in the fashion industry.

An industry not design to be transparent

What we wear shouldn’t come from unsustainable practices or an industry that doesn’t care about environmental impact.

The fashion industry was not designed to be transparent. However, with pressure from people and the arrival of new regulations first in Europe and then in the United States, a key concept is becoming stronger and stronger: transparency is here to stay, it’s not a trend, it’s not temporary, when it arrives involving everyone at all levels there will be no turning back”.

It is possible to create a future where fashion is sustainable and transparent, but it requires changing our habits and adopting more ethical and sustainable practices.

Massimo Brandellero invites us to imagine this future and do our part to make it a reality by urging companies to prioritize these values ​​to build trust and have a positive impact on the environment.

We can no longer ignore the importance of knowing where what we wear comes from and the consequences of our choices.

We are all responsible for making a difference, and with transparency and sustainability as our goals, we can make a difference in the fashion industry and in the environment in which we live.

The Art of Transparency: the TEDxTalk by Massimo Brandellero

If you want to deep dive the topic and listen The Art of Transparency of Massimo, click the video below.

How The ID Factory can help your brand

Are you a fashion brand or company and feel the urgency of being more transparent? Do you want to know how enforce the relationship with your customers and build trust through traceability and the communication of your supply chain?

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