How to track the leather supply chain?

More and more brands and retailers looking for from their suppliers a safer supply chain with clear transparency and reduced reputational risk.

They buy the finished product the end of its production cycle, but at behind there is a whole path and a series of passages that pass through the various levels of the supply chain and which cannot be ignored.

The ID Factory is a small but highly specialized company located in the Italian tanning district of Arzignano, Vicenza, which aims to provide customers of the leather supply chain and other kinds of chain with a simple and user-friendly electronic traceability system.

We are offering an oft-the-shelf package to our customers so that they are able to ltu evaluate the materials they are buying”Enrico Purgato. General Manager, The ID Factory, explained to ILM.

The company has developed two systems:

– one for tracing materials such polyurethanes, textile and synthetics

– the other for tracing leather known as ’Leather ID‘.

The idea being that the end-product manufacturer, such as a footwear or leather goods brand can look along the supply chain at each component material in the product and be sure that each batch meets its specific requirements.

Control, transparency and traceability: the three keywords of the platform

The user accesses The ID Factory website with a user name and password, and the tracking starts once the order number is entered showing all the data. 

The QR code can be registered from a PC or via The ID Factory website and a report is produced. The customer is also able to see the shipping information, inspection report and any lab test reports.

Chemical tracing

With a particular focus on leather, The ID Factory offers the possibility to add a QR code or a barcode for each single piece of finished leather before shipping.

The final code is applied in the area measurement phase towards the end of the process. Information such as surface and final evaluation is added to the data for each piece and saved on the system, which can be accessed via the code reader or smart device.

The code data, which can be verified with a barcode or QR reader connected to a PC or a smartphone / tablet device via the App, can then provide the product history via a web platform that stores all the information for each customer.

Information stored in the code may include:

  • details about the skin and the origin of the skin;
  • the substances used in the leather production process and the process steps used;
  • If a brand or retailer has a problem with a particular batch or is found to not comply with the chemical test terms, the source of the problem is more easily found using the real-time code on the skin.

“The Leather ID system is proving to be a useful tool. For example, any tanner who produces chrome-free leather can use the codes to show the steps in the process to comply with a certification body that shows the history of the leather and the entire leather supply chain. “

Greater supply chain transparency

Greater process control reduces the number of customer complaints for the tanner when adopting a traceability system. Furthermore, it is possible to identify the source of the problem and in this way it is easier and faster to intervene.

“Tanners who show a greater level of openness and transparency in their processes are more likely to be able to meet the needs of their customers,” says Purgato. “Their customers seek trust in their supply chains.”

Data security

We have created a very secure system for managing our data and every day we receive an IT update of the system.

“In the near future we will be able to offer shoe and leather goods manufacturers full traceability of all materials used in each final product. To ensure their business, our data security must be robust. “

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