Consuming fashion as a work of art

Rethink fashion as something timeless, unique, shareable and exciting that has a unique story to tell.

What is the purpose of digitalizing fashion and how digitalizing items can bring to a sharing economy?

During the event, we are going to discuss why consuming fashion is a collective action, which starts from the farm where the cotton has harvested, goes through the factories where people manufacture the items, up to the shop or e-tailer, where people buy it, love it and share it.
Then the process may start again from the same fabric. 

Every item has a story behind it, like a work of art. But the most exciting thing is that anyone looking at the same cloth, or piece of art, will have a different experience based on its background. 

How can we share the story and the experiences behind clothes as if they were works of art?

Martina Schiuma, Head of Sustainability at The ID Factory, together with Jasmin Huber, founder of WeDress Collective and new mum of RE-NT, are going to discuss how digitalizing items, through the creation of a product passport, can be the solution for transparently sharing the supply chain story behind each product. As well as empowering new circular business models where high-quality fashion can be rented and loved again and again.

Join us and have fun!

Meet our speakers

Jasmin Huber

Jasmin Huber

Founder at WeDress Collective

Martina Schiuma no sfondo

Martina Schiuma

Head of Sustainability at The ID Factory


During the event will discuss about supply chain traceability and transparency, european legislation, environmental impact and transition to circular business through rental e-commerce integration.

Main topics:

• Product passport – The digitalization of items as a market opportunity
• EU Circularity Action Plan
• Empowering new circular business models to reduce environmental impact

About the event


Fashion Council Germany
Meinekestraße 12, Berlin


Monday, 27th June

From 6 to 8 pm

Private event by invitation only

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