Do you know the story behind your garments?

Show the commitment to sustainability to your customers through your product’s story

Are your products sustainable?

Today fashion brands have limited means to tell customers the provenance
and sustainability of the product and to secure product authenticity.

Lack of information about the product traceability and sustainability
credentials can cause customer dissatisfaction leading to missed revenues
and financial losses.

We envisage a future where all products will have a unique digital ID that will
connect the physical product to a digital environment, telling customers the
real traceability story behind what they buy.

65% of consumers cares about the planet and supports brands that claim to be sustainable and have a positive impact on the planet and people.

From greenwashing to data, the Transparency goes beyond Trust

Your product passport

As a traceability certificate, it contains all materials and process information that make up the product.

It shows your supply chain transparency and its impact on the planet to help customers make conscious choices.

Your effort against broken promises will increase the link between your values ​​and the values ​​of the customer!


Immerse yourself into the product experience

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3 Simple Steps

For Brands

For Customers

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You can enable any physical object that is a part of your brand. Whether that is your product, packaging, events, or promotional materials, by bringing your assets to life you’re building a new content channel directly to your consumers.

During on-boarding we help you enable and encode your objects, build experiences alongside your team, and develop best-practices for launch. Most importantly we train your team to become experts on The ID Factory platform.

We provide real-time statistics on the number of scans and the most viewed sections by your customers. We’ll constantly implement new analytics to give you a complete overview on customers behaviors.

Generally a call to action is placed over the embedded QR Code.

Yes, we store 1st-party cookies that include: device user agent, country and city where the user lives, number of scans per user, and objects a device has interacted with.

In a world of broken promises,show the most important effort:


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Powered by The ID Factory

The ID Factory is a supply chain traceability platform (SaaS) that, through the creation of a Digital ID, allows fashion companies to gain end-to-end transparency over their global supply chain.

We digitize operations like quality control, compliance, extended procurement and traceability through a dynamic database integrated with any management system.

A digital product passport enabled by a physical and digital traceability at scale.