Digital product passport: the story behind fashion supply chains and underrepresented communities

Technology and Innovation at the service of fashion brands and people

Wednesday, 7th September from 6.30 pm | Adidas GREEN LAB, Berlin

What is the purpose of digitalizing fashion and how the product passport can bring more traceability and transparency to the industry?

During the event, we are going to discuss why tracing fashion supply chains matters. According to the last release of the Fashion Transparency Index by Fashion Revolution, more brands than ever in 2022 (48%) are disclosing their first-tier suppliers, however, half still disclose nothing.

Every item has a story behind it to tell. But how can we express this story and make the people and the communities behind it the true protagonists? How can we share the story and the traceability behind the clothes we buy naturally and engagingly?

Martina Schiuma, Head of Sustainability at The ID Factory, together with Martina Offeh, former Diversity and Inclusion facilitator Apple and female founder of Ashes and Soil, are going to discuss how digitalizing items through the creation of a product passport can be the tool for transparently sharing the supply chain story behind each product as well as empowering underrepresented group of people

The panel discussion has the objective to make us all think about the power we have as professionals to boost supply chain transparency through technology, and as shoppers to wear the impact we want to see around the world.

With special moderator Julia Rabello, Chief of Brand at WeDress Collective, providing her perspective of an e-renting platform that is engaging people to make more responsible choices.

Because Transparency goes beyond Trust. 

Join us and have fun!

Meet our hosts

Martina Offeh

Martina Offeh

Female founder of Ashes and Soil

Martina Schiuma

Martina Schiuma

Head of Sustainability at The ID Factory

Julia Rabello

Julia Rabello

Chief of Brand at WeDress Collective


Digital product passport: the story behind fashion supply chains and underrepresented communities will be hosted at the wonderful and inspiring GREEN LAB in the Adidas Flagship Store. 

About the event


Tauentzienstraße 15, 10789 Berlin


Wednesday, 7th September

From 6.30 pm

Private event by invitation only

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