We want to erase all your doubts 

We want to erase all your doubts 

We want to erase all your doubts 

We want to erase all your doubts 

We want to erase all your doubts 

We want to erase all your doubts 

We want to erase all your doubts 

We want to erase all your doubts 

We want to erase all your doubts 

We want to erase all your doubts 

How many companies are using your platform?

Good for us, fashion brands and companies that choose The ID Factory technology and solutions are increasing day by day.

At the moment we have:

  • 15 Fashion Brands
  • 320 Manufactures and Factories
  • 252 Material Suppliers

The next one could be you 😉

How can I be sure The ID Factory is the right solution for me?

We will be happy to show you all the potential of our platform with no obligation.

If you want to try what we can do for your business, during the Demo call, you can ask to try our pilot on one of your collections, for a period from 3 up to 6 months, and test it for free.

If I have specific needs, how can your software help me?

One of the aspects we most appreciate about our platform is that it is absolutely customizable: based on your specific needs, products, and suppliers, we will create something tailor-made, made just for you.

I like your software, but what about my suppliers?

They will love it!

The platform is easy to use, super intuitive, and in a few hours, your suppliers will be able to use all the functions in complete autonomy.

We have over 500 users who use it at the moment and are satisfied.

In addition, we have special customer care, both in Italy and in Asia, that will respond promptly to all requests 24/7. We have also prepared a training course that includes: video-calls, tutorials, and the possibility of opening assistance tickets.

Is it necessary to download anything?

Not! To use our platform you don’t need to install any software, plugin, or tech device.

An internet connection is enough, as our platform is entirely on cloud. That’s it!

We love simple, lean, and smart procedures. 🙂

Can suppliers directly work on the platform instead of using IT integration?

Yes. Until now supplies have found it easier to manage orders directly on our platform on cloud without asking to integrate our platform with their management system.

My suppliers use another software. How can it work with yours?

Our software is easily integrable with any management system.

So your supply chain won’t have any problem integrating our platform with the one it already uses. We are already integrated with SAP, AS/400, Stealth and Excel both in and out, extracting data from your suppliers management system and giving you back data in your own management system.

Can I rank my suppliers based on additional criteria? (es. yarn quality)

Yes, the software can be easily personalized based on the brands’ quality standards requirements and sustainability credentials. The suppliers’ ranking is based on 4 key dimensions (quality, service, sustainability and cost), each of which can be customized based on the brand’s ranking criteria.

May I have some references?

Of course!

We’re beyond glad to let you have them. To discover all our references, visit our dedicated page, or book a call with our founder.

QUESTIONS FROM FACTORIES: If we decide to use The ID Factory for performing our quality control activities, can brands access and see our quality control outputs?

Yes, brands can have their own login credential and see in real time all updated information from the supply chain about quality controls, delivery status, accreditation forms (including information about the Environmental Management system, Code of conduct and more) and traceability status.

Other questions?
We’re ready
to support you.