Fashion Forward: a Journey to the Digital Product Passport

Masterclass Description

Together with Carolynn Bernier , Consortium Coordinator at CIRPASS – Digital Product Passport and Margaux MacNeil Content Manager at Certilogo S.p.A., eBay Group we will delved deeper into the Digital Product Passport Blueprint.

This unique framework is intended to enable businesses to consider multiple perspectives in the DPP adoption process, moving beyond the limited and fragmented approaches that currently dominate the field.

The DPP Blueprint aims to overcome this challenges by providing a structured method that simultaneously considers compliance, customer trust, and operational excellence, along with other critical factors such as digitalization, omnichannel, sustainability, and circularity.

Through an integrated data collection system that utilizes diverse solutions and providers, companies can not only meet current needs but also effectively anticipate and address future challenges.


Presentation by Carolynn Bernier

Carolynn Bernier kicked off the webinar by explaining the definition and importance of the DPP according to the European Commission. She described the DPP as a structured collection of machine-readable data, with a predefined scope and specific access rights.

The DPP aims to support the circular economy by providing crucial information on sustainability and traceability.

Key Points:

Presentation by Margaux MacNeil

Margaux MacNeil presented a case study on the implementation of the DPP, emphasizing the importance of data security and product authentication. She highlighted the issues related to the use of clonable NFC chips and proposed solutions to ensure product authenticity, such as fraud detection systems.

She also presented a video showcasing the practical implementation of the DPP with the brand Save the Duck. By scanning one of their products, consumers can access detailed information about certification, maintenance, geographic origin, and fair labor practices associated with the product.

Key Points:

Presentation by Massimo Brandellero

Massimo Brandellero discussed the importance of a strategic approach to supply chain traceability and transparency. He emphasized that traceability should not be seen solely as a regulatory requirement but as an opportunity to improve operational efficiency and corporate sustainability.

He highlighted the importance of preparing for the adoption of the DPP by integrating traceability information and processes into business operations.

Collaboration with various supply chain stakeholders is essential for effective data collection and management. Timely and strategic preparation will not only help companies comply with regulations but also offer opportunities to improve operational efficiency and overall sustainability.

Key Points:

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