Join us for a series of live demos to explore The ID Factory platform and stay updated about the evolving legislative landscape

What is the Traceability Masterclass Program?

Dive into the evolving landscape of the fashion industry with our exclusive live demos, designed for professionals seeking to stay ahead of the curve. 

Our Masterclass series is specifically designed to spotlight the innovative services we offer within the fashion and luxury sectors. At the core is a commitment to excellence and innovation, ensuring that our clients are always at the forefront of industry standards and trends. 

Each session, lasting no more than 1 hour, promises an in-depth look at critical subjects including the implications of upcoming legislation under the EU Green Deal, the EU Textile Strategy and technological innovation like Digital Product Passport’s case studies, Mapping, Tracking and much more.

Our demos are crafted to not only inform but also to engage, featuring the presence of one or more special guests at each meeting.

These experts, leading voices in their respective fields, will share their valuable perspectives and experiences, offering participants a unique opportunity to gain knowledge directly from those at the forefront of fashion’s regulatory and technological advancements.

Join us for a series of enriching live demos that promise to inspire and prepare you for the future of fashion


Martina Schiuma

Martina Schiuma

Head of Sustainability at The ID Factory

How to partecipate

All webinars will be live on the Zoom platform.
By clicking on the webinar, you will go directly to the registration link.


Fill out the form and you’re done. See you live!

Enhancing Supply Chain Traceability with Mapping Technology

During the meeting we will discuss the challenges posed by new regulations, showcasing how our Mapping tool can assist your company in structuring a gradual traceability process.

Together with Marta Inchausti Moya, Public Affairs Manager at Global Fashion Agenda, we will also explore the GFA EU Policy Matrix.

Marta Inchausti Moya – Public Affairs Manager at Global Fashion Agenda


Marta Inchausti Moya

Public Affairs Manager at Global Fashion Agenda

Fashion Forward: a Journey to the Digital Product Passport

As experts of the ‘Textile Stakeholders Group’ for CIRPASS-2, The ID Factory is actively contributing to shaping the Digital Product Passport legislation by the European Commission.

Join us for our upcoming webinar where we’ll delve into discussions about the current and emerging legislative landscape surrounding the Digital Product Passport providing an overview on The ID Factory latest releases.


Chain of Custody Practices: an UFLPA Webinar on Supply Chain Transparency

Join our detailed webinar to delve into the intricacies of complying with the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA).

Learn how to effectively manage the chain of custody for sourcing cotton and to collect all relevant documents linked to your Purchase Order.

Gain insights from industry leaders and ensure your practices meet critical legal standards.

Don’t miss this essential session for staying informed and compliant


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