Setting the stage for reliable traceability

Get all of your important vendors and their production steps in one place and strategize on a traceability process driven by data.

+ 500 million material tracked

2022 Growth (+%)

Finish good factory
Fabric (PU + Textile)
Insoles, footbeds, insole components, reinforcements, packaging

Traceability based of QR code

The principle of physical traceability.

We differentiate ourselves from other traceability systems because we directly involve your suppliers to apply QR codes on all materials and finished products.

Each time the QR code is scanned, the system synchronizes with the Platform which updates the data in real time.

In this way, traceability becomes an operation that is part of their work and this guarantees the truthfulness of the data against any form of accusation.

Along with physical traceability there is documentary traceability: …

Full control of all production process in real time

Manage your orders and shipping times in a simple way

The data traced by reading tags (QR code) will enable you to manage the procurement process of raw materials, the Manufacturing Process up to the finished product.

Thanks to this data, derived from the work of your supply chain, you will have useful insights about your suppliers’ performance: who is the best, who does not track materials, who respects delivery times.

Based on 3 different pillars: Service, Quality and Cost you will be a Supply Chain Ranking automatically generated.

As part of the ranking tool, you will easily adopt any corrective action (in real-time) to make your players in the supply chain work immediately on specific issues according to a co-evolution policy.

Learn from your data and prevent potential risks

Make timely, informed data-driven decisions

Thanks to the KPI’s Dashboard, you can monitor your supply chain data available 24/7 and also an automatic Traceability Report every quarter.

You will visualize all relevant data about the product and the value creation activities:

manufacturing, procurement, claims, effective management of orders, bill of materials, delivery lead time, and the forecast of orders.

Leftover Management: Don’t pay “the invisible waste” of your production

Repurpose deadstock and leftovers to empower a transition to circular and regenerative fashion

Factories and material suppliers are onboarded to The ID Factory platform that supports them in mapping and keeping track of materials flows along the entire supply chain.

Thanks to the digitized process, suppliers give evidence to you of any defined production waste.

In this way, you will be able to allocate new production orders using their own “invisible traced waste”

In fact the system automatically checks the difference between the estimated consumption of raw materials to each production order and effective material used.

3 simple steps to start

1 - Map the supply chain and information collection

Connect your suppliers to the platform by inviting them to fill out the Accreditation Form. It is a form to extract the main information of your suppliers

2 - Trace

All the suppliers involved make a Platform Training Step with our customer service team. It is a quick video course to enable suppliers to apply QR codes in the best way and activate them on the platform.

3 - Make the best decision

Analyze data by collections and seasons and finally make data-driven decisions!

And now??

Do you want to know how to communicate this information to your audience?


Most frequent questions and answers

Many software support you in supply chain traceability, but in the end it is a collection of documents to be requested from the supply chain.

This forces you to do a mountain of data entry without real collaboration with the supply chain.

Our platform is highly collaborative and active the supplier to provide reliable information thanks to its work.

We helps you ensure that tracing, reporting and visibility fits to your business flow, integrates with your systems including ERP and PLM systems, and helps you empower all the stakeholders involved – from farmer to final garment.

Not! To use our platform you don’t need to install any software, plugin, or tech device.

An internet connection is enough, as our platform is entirely on cloud. That’s it!

One of the aspects we most appreciate about our platform is that it is absolutely customizable: based on your specific needs, products, and suppliers, we will create something tailor-made, made just for you.

We have special customer care, both in Italy and in Asia, that will respond promptly to all requests 24/7.  We have also prepared a training course that includes: video-calls, tutorials, and the possibility of opening assistance tickets.

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