Our Guest - Egbert Dikkers

In this episode we learn about the leather value chain, explaining why leather is a by-product, and its difference from vegan leather with Egbert Dikkers, Global Director Sustainability at Smit & Zoon, Chairperson of the Management Board at Leather Naturally Association.

Topics of the interview

0:00 – Intro

0:12 – Presentation

01:55 – How Smit & Zoon applies sustainability in leather value chain

03:19 – Collaboration with Leather Naturally

06:50 – Can leather be sustainable?

09:13 – The biggest issue leather industry is facing

11:34 – How Smit & Zoon supports sustainable chemical management in the leather industry

13:30 – Natural leather or vegan leather

15:43 – The Tricky Question: “if you had a magic power, what would you do to make the fashion industry more sustainable?”

18:00 – The role of technology in transitioning to a greener economy

Traceability Journey is a project by The ID Factory.

Our mission is to raise awareness about the importance of traceability for sustainable value chains. We are doing this by engaging with ESG consultants and sharing best practices from the fashion supply chain.

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