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PALA, a sustainable eyewear brand, has its roots in Africa and has the goal of restoring vision in the continent. 

They work with a charity called Vision Aid Overseas and an NGO called CARE4BASKET.

Together they have trained their weavers to make woven cases for sunglasses from recycled plastic and water sachets. With every sale, proceeds go towards grants for eye care projects in Africa. 

Since launching, PALA Eyewear has changed the lives of thousands of sight-impaired people and enhanced their ability to earn an income by supporting them with a pair of prescription glasses. Today we’re glad to have with us John Pritchard, Founder at PALA Eyewear.

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Topics of the interview

00:00 Presentation

00:15 John could you shortly present yourself and your company?

05:21 Why John you decided to use eyewear as a tool for supporting these communities?

07:42 When do you decided to become a b corp? and why?

09:17 What is for you a purpose-driven company?

12:00 Why many companies started to become b corp?

14:49 What’s your process and your commitment to trustability and transparency as a company at Pala Eyewear?

22:37 There which was about best practices you want to share with other fashion and accessories and footwear company?

28:27 Three things you have learned to avoid becoming a b corp?

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