Our Guest - Federico Vianello

With Federico Vianello, Head of the traditional private label division at Novi Footwear, we discussed the challenges for marketers in communicating sustainability and encouraging a more sustainable consumption, based on the experience of Love Our Planet.

Topics of the interview

0:00 – Intro

0:19 – Presentation

01:31 – The launch of Novi Footwear sustainable collection: Love our Planet

05:28 – The sustainable value proposition of Love our Planet

08:16 – What customers like most about the brand

10:28 – The challenges of communicating sustainability to customers

14:59 – The Tricky Question: “if you had a magic power, what would you do to make the fashion industry more sustainable?”

17:16 – The role of technology in transitioning to a greener fashion industry

19:07 – The problem of Greenwashing

Traceability Journey is a project by The ID Factory.

Our mission is to raise awareness about the importance of traceability for sustainable value chains. We are doing this by engaging with ESG consultants and sharing best practices from the fashion supply chain.

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