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All you need to know about the French Anti-Waste and Circular Economy Law (AGEC)

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What is AGEC?

France AGEC law is aimed at improving information transparency on waste generating products and promotion of circularity. 

It is an important step forward in addressing challenges related to the circular economy and sustainability, raising consumers’ awareness, promoting producers’ responsibility, and encouraging a more sustainable consumption model.

What are the risks of not complying with the law?

From January 1, 2023, any infringement is liable to a fine not exceeding 15,000 € per legal entity.

In addition, there will also be some sanctions for deceptive commercial practices.

Only the products for which the last piece of stock will be brought to the market before January 1, 2023 will be exempt.

The law is organized around 4 key issues:

All the requests

How does the information need to be provided?

They must be made available to consumers free of charge at the time of purchase: 

– The information have be presented as a product sheet that can be easily accessed via a search engine, making the data available to search, request, and extract.

-The product sheet has to be called a “product sheet on environmental qualities or characteristics,” and must contain the name and reference details of the model concerned.

-The information should be publicly available for two years after bringing the last unit of the product to the market.

When will it come into effect?

The Law came into force on January 1st 2020 for all producers, importers, and distributors of waste-generating consumer products in France.

On January 1st 2023 new measures applying more specifically to the fashion and textile industry will come into play, and the threshold to meet the requirements will then lower each year more.

How will it be applied?

The obligation to provide information on the environmental characteristics of the purchased products applies to:

– Starting from January 1st, 2023: to producers with an annual turnover of more than 50 million euros and at least 25,000 units of products placed on the national market each year;
– Starting from January 1st, 2024: to producers with an annual turnover of more than 20 million euros and at least 10,000 units of products placed on the national market each year;
– From January 1st, 2025: to producers, with an annual turnover of more than 10 million euros and at least 10,000 units of products placed on the national market each year.

How can we help you

Traceability Platform


From Tr1 to Tr3 and beyond, our platform identifies and traces the history, distribution, location and application of products, parts and materials composition, from procurement to production, consumption and disposal.

For each garment, the main informations to disclose are: the location where the fabric is made, dyed and printed, and where the final cut and sew happens.

For each piece of footwear it’s required to disclose the place where stitching happens, the assemblage, and the finishing stage.

For textiles: weaving, dyeing/printing, cutting, and sewing;

–  For footwear: stitching (upper), finishing assembly.

Certificates Management

The main support provided by the certificate management module is to streamline the certificate collection through the direct engagement of suppliers and when possible of certificate bodies.

Vendors will be required to directly upload material certificates or transaction certificates if applicable before confirming orders.

Certificates will be required to be scanned digitally and the brand can decide which documents would be compulsory.

All in total safety thanks to the ISO 27001 certification: “Information Security Management System”

Certificates Management

Digital Product Passport

The Agec law requires the geolocalization of the main production phases, in our solution we have also provided the names, images and stories inside the factories.

All information collected previously will be communicated to the final consumer through our digital product passport:

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