Mission and Vision

We want to promote an innovative traceability system that makes the flow of information and materials along the fashion supply chain, simple, transparent and monitorable.

But we don’t want to do it alone!
Our way is your way!

Build with us a path of co-evolution oriented towards sustainability and positive improvement for the creation of shared value.

Massimo Brandellero
Cristian Iobbi
Manager of Digital, Connected and IT business
Enrico Purgato
Damiano Dal Maso
Tech & Compliance
Sofia Diquigiovanni
Kelly Negro
Customer Care
Martina Marcatili
Subsidized Finance manager
Alessandro Michetti
Fabio Caprioli
Growth Marketer
Martina Schiuma
Head of Sustainability
Stefano Del Gobbo
Project Manager IT
Roberta Selmo
Alan Striglio
Senior Developer
Valentina Concato
Junior Account
Giulia Moro
Junior Account
Sabina Monchelato

About Culture

We believe there is no standard way of running our company. For this reason we have never focused on job descriptions or structured organization charts but on shared values ​​and missions.

Each person has the potential to work on their tasks and each person will have to propose their ideas to contribute to the strategic development of The ID Factory.

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