Certificates Management

Don't trust on fragmented and inconsistent data!

The effective management of material certificates is crucial to meet all the material compliance requirements and mitigate the risk.

Working in synergy using tools and standards makes all stakeholders an active part of the process

In the world of fashion and traceability, there’s a need for new standards and more system integration that can support better data collection and accuracy.

If the data are fragmented and not consistent with the context of origin, the final assumption would be meaningless.

These two elements make it possible to operate more transparently and improve the measurement systems.

With this purpose The ID Factory Certificate Management Module aims to boost interoperability among different systems, by developing a co-evolution system, it’s possible to bring together different supply chain players, stakeholders and certifying bodies to support their dialogue, based on a “common language”.

The process is based on the suppliers daily activities where the certificate documental traceability is linked to the digitalization of other operational activities performed by the suppliers such as procurement management and quality control activities.

One single platform to communicat in-and-out with different certifying bodies or corporate data repository tools for what concerns:

Certificates Compliance Management

All in total safety thanks to the ISO 27001 certification

The main support provided by the certificate management module is to streamline the certificate collection through the direct engagement of suppliers and when possible of certificate bodies.

All in total safety thanks to the ISO 27001 certification: “Information Security Management System”, starting from the creation of a ISMS for “Solutions for digitalization, monitoring and traceability of the fashion industry supply chains through SaaS platforms.” with which we establish the appropriate measures to safeguard the security, integrity and availability of information.

Vendors will be required to directly upload material certificates or transaction certificates if applicable before confirming orders as due diligence.

Certificates will be required to be scanned digitally and the brand can decide which documents would be compulsory and block the order process

This associates all product and material data in the respective PO to keep track of what is compliant.

You will have all proof of transactions linked to purchase orders and property stored in a dynamic system which is constantly updated and synconized with your ERP and PLM.

As a Brand you can require to your suppliers to insert documents and certificates including:

Material certificates linked directly to the PO.

Supplier certificates linked directly to its own profile on the platform (accreditation from).

Physical & Chemical Compliance

test your materials and products in laboratories around the world

The core function of the Physical & Chemical Compliance Module is to give real time visibility to the brand about the suppliers test requirements and results that have been performed by international laboratories around the world.

You can achieve physical-chemical compliance of your raw materials and finished products thanks to a system that interacts with international laboratories such as Bureau Veritas, UL, SGS, TÜV in real time.

It digitizes the quality control of the raw materials and finished products using well know international quality standard.

The Platform collects and connects data from Raw Materials to Finished Products, links them automatically to Restricted Substance Limit test reports and performance. It registers any inspector activity and provides a Real Time picture of all related quality control activities.

All this information organized in a correct and structured way will help big corporates to:

know how many failed tests have been done by suppliers and which materials are involved

act directly during the test procedure by authorizing or blocking the next steps or requesting additional tests

know exactly how many material/products of the season’s collection haven’t been tested yet

consult the physical and chemical compliance reports always available in real time

make comparisons between current and past seasons

ZDHC chemical reporting

The ID Factory is the founding company of YMPACT 4sCHEM+, specifically founded to support of fashion brands and supplier on chemical management and supply chain impact assessment 4sCHEM+ is the first for-benefit digital platform – powered by YMPACT – to enable ZDHC InCheck Reports and implement the ZDHC Supplier To Zero Programme.

A unique solution integrated with the The ID Factory to go beyond simple RSL vérification and to effectively implement ZDHC MRSL (manufacturing restricted substances list).

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