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What does it mean to be the first footwear company in Italy to become a B Corp?

We are talking about it today with Riccardo Aragona, CMO at ACBC.

According to Riccardo’s experience, the certification changes perspectives and expectations: the level of your quality becomes higher, sustainability extends to every person and every process, internal and external to the company.

It means working only with partners who are in line with your standards and guarantee transparency at all levels: with your customers, your suppliers worldwide and your stakeholders.

Being a B Corp is not always easy, the complexity increases, but the resulting benefits are worth it.


How does it do it? Watch the interview!

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Topics of the interview

00:23 Presentation

02:21 If you had the same few words what’s the company mission and vision?

03:24 When did you decide to become a b corp?

04:43 How has your company changed after you joined the b corp movement?

06:51 Which are the challenges you are facing in this respect?

08:41 If you have to say three areas that really marks your sustainability what would they be?

10:41 How has certification impacted your business?

12:21 How do you deal with the measurement of your supply chain ?

14:23 Why should fashion companies become certified b corp in your opinion?

16:58 Three best practices you would like to share with other companies?

19:05 Three things you have learned to avoid becoming a b corp and why?

20:44 What changes would you like to see in the fashion industry in the next few years?

About ACBC

Why is it important to become a B Corp? What is the deep meaning of being a B Corp? And how to being a B Corp changes perspectives and expectations? We’ve discussed about it with Riccardo Aragona, CMO at ACBC, a brand that products shoes with the highest sustainable content given by recycled and bio-based raw materials. ACBC it’s the acronym of Anything Can Be Changed and it wants to improve the conditions of the planet and the people through a green point of view and technological innovations.

To watch the complete interview, click on the video.

What is B Corp B Fashion?

B Corp B Fashion aims to put together in one place all fashion b-corps and fashion brands want to become it. We want to promote regenerative and sustainable fashion, sharing the best practices from consolidated realities, newcomers, and curious people from the fashion world who want to know the B Corp world and its business way.

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