When Fashion meets Art & Tech

Last Monday, June 27th, The ID Factory and WeDress Collective hosted an event at Fashion Council Germany, in Charlottenburg, in the heart of Berlin: “Consuming Fashion as a Work of Art”.

The key idea behind the event was to create parallelism and a reflection on the difference in perception of how we consume fashion compared to art in general.

Why do we keep consuming fashion fast, with no respect nor reflection, while art is perceived as something born to last over time?

Just like art, behind each fashion item, there are brilliant ideas, creativity, craftsmanship, and a unique story to tell.

What if digitalizing fashion could bring to a sharing economy? How can we share the story and the experiences behind clothes as if they were works of art?

“Consuming Fashion as a Work of Art” was the perfect chance to stimulate creative thinking and discuss how all Fashion, Art & Tech worlds are interrelated.

Thank you to all our participants (artists, fashion designers, game developers, and IT providers) for sharing their experiences and vision.

Thanks to the talented Dodo Newman for bringing his art and vision to us. Thanks to the amazing Martina Offeh, who presented her collection with drawings and a QR Code inside a jacket to tell the story of the person represented on the jacket itself.

Last but not least, thanks so much to Jasmin HuberJulia Rabello, and Robina von Stein.

Only the best result for the group brings the best one for the individual.

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