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Last week we were invited at UITIC Italy 2023: 21st International Technical Footwear Congress in Milan, an event dedicated to innovation and sustainability to talk about Digital Product Passport in footwear world.

Our Head of Sustainability Martina SchiumaI had the privilege of being a guest speaker of the event, where she gave a talk entitled “One Step Closer to Transparency: How Digital Product Passports are Revolutionizing Footwear Production and Storytelling.”

It was an opportunity to connect with industry experts and like-minded people who share our passion for latest innovations and the importance of transparency in footwear production.

Engaging in fruitful discussions and exchanging ideas were among the highlights of our experience. These types of events demonstrate that collaboration and knowledge sharing are key to driving positive change in the industry.

Here the main topics:

Consumers today are increasingly focused on sustainability and transparency, and companies are under pressure to demonstrate their commitment to ethical practices. 

Regulations such as the French AGEC legislation and the upcoming EU directives mandate supply chain traceability and transparency on product labels, making it essential for companies to comply. The fashion industry is particularly scrutinized, and brands must ensure that their supply chains are responsible and sustainable.

The ID Factory platform provides a complete end-to-end solution for fashion brands and retailers to improve supply chain transparency, traceability, and compliance. 

By using our SaaS platform, brands gain visibility into their entire supply chain, from raw materials to finished products, and ensure compliance with regulations such as AGEC and the EU CEAP.

Thanks to the experiece of Digital Product Passport, we also empowers brands to engage with consumers and share information about the sustainability and ethical practices behind the products they purchase. 

But what were our results of digital product passport in footwear world?

Digital Product Passport in Footwear world

With our Digital Product Passport solution, consumers can track the product’s journey, learn about the suppliers and the materials used.

Our solution implemented in footwear world with Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger‘s footwear divisions has been successful thanks to three key success factors:


Data-driven approach,

Stakeholder engagement.

It is integrated with supply chain traceability to have the availability and validity of primary data provided in real time and connected directly with the supply chain.

They are integrated and interconnected.

The implementation of this traceability system and the launch of the Digital Product Passport bring several benefits: economic, communication, optimisation of data collection and work efficiency

And these opportunities can not only be exploited by large corporations, but also by smaller businesses, especially if we talk about benefits related to certifications and communication.

The ID Factory Traceability Journey in few words

The process starts with the material supplier, who is the first step in the traceability journey. 

The smart-Tag labels (QR codes) are applied to each component or material piece, which are then scanned by the factory to create a traceability chain. 

The brand verifies the information related to the traceability chain generated by the inputs of the suppliers and the factory, deciding what to communicate to the final consumer. 

This results in a transparent communication of the product’s lifecycle and environmental impact.

The final consumer can scan the QR code applied to the product to see all the information. 

Each production stage is identified and the geolocation of the factories is provided, offering a connection to digital experiences and content. This transparency allows customers to make informed decisions about their purchases, moving the fashion industry one step closer to sustainability.


The journey towards sustainability through innovation is an ongoing process, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this transformation.

Through our Digital Product Passports, we are revolutionizing footwear production and storytelling, bringing transparency and traceability to the forefront of consumer consciousness.

We believe that transparency and traceability are essential to build consumers’ trust, to improve supply chain efficiency and to meet regulatory requirements. This solution meets the growing consumer demands for traceability and transparency while building trust and driving growth for fashion brands and retailers.

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