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Imagine if in your organization all employees feel responsible and committed to the projects they work in. 

That’s what happens in LUZ, a content marketing agency, and a B Corp, and in this way, the vision of employees is the vision of LUZ too, and vice versa.

? The purpose of LUZ is to create new B Corp companies, where employees own a part of the project in terms of equity capital, to enlarge the horizons of the business, and to satisfy everyone, both professionally and personally.

It is certainly not a classic way for doing business, but in LUZ the idea is clear: it’s the business model that changes and adapts to the purpose, not the contrary.

➡️ This approach extends to every aspect of LUZ, even to the way of making news: in fact, slow communication is preferred, rather than fast communication.

According to Alice Siracusano, CEO at LUZ, it is better not to communicate than to communicate something that is not meaningful.

This is also a value that is spread among the employees: the vision must be shared, as well as the objectives. Transparency is an everyday challenge that starts with executives and extends to everyone.

?Only sharing the same goal allows you to achieve it and generate a positive impact for everyone.

Moreover, Alice shared with us some best practices and also tips on things to avoid in communication, as in business in general.


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Topics of the interview

00:00 Presentation

00:18 Could you tell us a little bit more about LUZ agency?

01:00 What is actually the vision and the mission of LUZ agency?

03:28 Why did you study to become a B Corp and why do you think that becoming a B Corp can help you in this process?

04:30 How do you think you’re working differently from other company on a daily basis?

07:07 How can you say you invest in slow journalism versus fast journalism?

09:27 What is the role of transparency?

10:42 What have been the most difficult challenges?

12:12 How the space design can support you and be more authentic?

16:14 How do you think that becoming a B Corp can support companies to better communicate?

20:36 What would you say are 3 best practices in communication and 3 worst practices?

27:08 B impact assessment and company communication

What is LUZ Agency?

LUZ is the first content marketing agency in Italy with roots in photojournalism, founded on the legacy of the historical photo agency, Grazia Neri.

LUZ works with B2B and B2C companies and both Italian and international publishers to tell stories of positive social impact with the priority of protecting copyright.

LUZ Agency is a Certified B Corp since 2020.

Who is Alice Siracusano?

Alice is the CEO & proud mom at LUZ Agency – B Corp & Benefit Corporation.

After many experiences in the marketing field from different perspectives, Alice decided to start her own path.

In a world dominated by technologies that constantly force us to change our habits and the ways in which we relate with one another, LUZ and Alice work to fight the filter-bubbles these technologies create, by producing content that brings people to reflect on new perspectives instead of strengthening existing prejudices.

Content meant to restore freedom of thought to the center of our lives as human beings.

What is B Corp B Fashion?

B Corp B Fashion aims to put together in one place all fashion b-corps and fashion brands want to become it. We want to promote regenerative and sustainable fashion, sharing the best practices from consolidated realities, newcomers, and curious people from the fashion world who want to know the B Corp world and its business way.

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