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Topics of the interview

00:00 Presentation

00:18 Could you shortly present yourself and your company?

02:30 Which is the mission and vision of your company what would you say?

03:38 When have you decided to become a b corp and why what made you make this decision?

05:40 How do you think this affect your daily decisions differently from another normal business?

07:04 How did you face this challenge and was that easy?

09:34 Collaboration is crucial for your business?

11:49 How what’s the role of transparency in your company?

15:16 What has been the most difficult challenge?

18:04 Which was the reaction of the public?

20:04 Why do you think a fashion company should become a B corp?

22:20 Some best practices you want to share?

24:46 What changes would you like to see in the fashion industry in the next few years?

About MUD Jeans

If you could start a sustainable revolution in the fashion world, which item would you start from and why? This brand has started from a pair of jeans and they never looked back. In today’s interview we’ve talked about Laura Vicaria, CSR Manager at MUD Jeans International, a company founded in 2012 by Bert van Son, that wants to create a world without waste and to do things differently. Why jeans? Jeans are one of the most polluting items in fashion. With over 200.000 million pairs being sold yearly, the impact of recycling jeans and using organic cotton can be huge.

Mud Jeans: Revolutionizing Fashion with Circular Denim and Conscious Consumption

In a detailed interview with Laura Vicaria, CSR Manager at Mud Jeans, we gain insight into the innovative approach of Mud Jeans in transforming the fashion industry through circular denim and conscious consumption. Mud Jeans, established as a circular denim brand, is recognized as the world’s first circular fashion company, pioneering a sustainable business model that focuses on recycling old jeans to create new ones, thereby maintaining a closed-loop material cycle.

The Circular Business Model of Mud Jeans

Mud Jeans is renowned for its unique ‘Lease A Jeans’ model, which allows customers to lease jeans for a year, after which they can choose to start a new lease or keep their jeans. This model aims to shift consumer mentality from overconsumption and ownership to a more sustainable approach, reducing environmental anxiety associated with new purchases.

Mission and Vision: Circular Production and Conscious Consumption

The mission of Mud Jeans is to drive the fashion industry towards circular production and conscious consumption. The company started with jeans, one of the most environmentally and socially impactful items in our wardrobes, to demonstrate that circularity is feasible and to revolutionize the industry.

Challenges and Innovations in Sustainable Fashion

Mud Jeans faced several challenges, particularly in working with post-consumer recycled cotton, which is more expensive and challenging to produce than conventional cotton. The company also had to navigate the complexities of a different business model, including cash flow challenges due to their leasing concept.

Customer Engagement and Education

Mud Jeans attracts a unique customer base that values sustainability and is willing to engage critically with the brand. The company focuses on educating customers about the impact of their products and is exploring ways to appeal to a broader audience by emphasizing the quality and aesthetics of their products alongside their sustainability.

B Corp Certification and Its Impact

Mud Jeans became a B Corp in 2014, aligning with its purpose-driven nature. The B Corp certification process helped the company identify areas for improvement and build trust with customers, partners, and investors. As a B Corp, Mud Jeans collaborates with like-minded companies and contributes to a movement towards sustainable business practices.

Transparency and Measuring Impact

The company emphasizes transparency in its supply chain and has undertaken measures like life cycle analysis for each product style, carbon neutrality, and exploring blockchain for third-party verification. These efforts are part of their commitment to continuous improvement and transparency.

Best Practices and Future Vision

Laura Vicaria highlights the importance of using data strategically, outlining the entire supply chain, and involving the entire company in sustainability efforts. Looking ahead, she hopes to see increased transparency, responsibility, and regulation in the fashion industry to combat greenwashing, promote circularity, and enforce extended producer responsibility.

In conclusion, Mud Jeans exemplifies how a fashion company can lead the way in sustainable and circular practices. By focusing on innovative business models, customer education, and rigorous sustainability standards, Mud Jeans is not only making a significant impact in the fashion industry but also inspiring others to follow suit.


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