Guest - Outland Denim

Outland Denim crafts premium denim jeans designed to bring the worlds of our seamstresses and our customers closer together.

It was founded as an avenue for the training, employment, and career progression for women who had experienced exploitation.

Today they welcome employees from varying backgrounds of vulnerability and social injustice to elevate people into prosperity via opportunity, skills acquisition, living wages and education.

How do they do it?

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Topics of the interview

00:00 Presentation

00:20 Could you please tell us more about yourself and the company Outland Denim?

01:52 Where are you producing this product and which is a community you are working on and supporting?

02:26 What’s the real mission and vision?

03:39 How do you first of all find these people that need help in Cambodia?

06:20 What is the thing they need they really have?

08:55 What is the role of women in Cambodia today?

11:05 Why are you a profit company and not an no profit company?

15:38 The importance of the community to support the initiatives of a brand

19:08 What’s the role in your company of transparency?

20:28 Three best practises you would like to share with the other companies?

22:36 Three things you have learned to avoid becoming a b-corp?

26:18 What changes would you like to see the fashion industry next few years and what changes do you think will be possible in the next few years?

About Outland Denim

How to achieve a concrete social change? A sustainable career path is the best solution? We’ve discussed about it with James Bartle, CEO at Outland Denim, a premium denim jeans designed to bring the worlds of its seamstresses and its customers closer together. Every button, rivet, and stitch is carefully selected by its designers with intention to minimize impact on the environment and to mitigate the risk of exploitation in its supply chain.

To watch the complete interview, click on the video.

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