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Topics of the interview

0:00 – Presentation

0:17 – What is Treedom?

01:42 – Mission and vision of Treedom

05:14 – When did you decide to become a B-Corp?

06:57 – Which was the major challenge you faced dealing with the B-Corp certification?

08:28 – How is the way you’re working with clients?

11:11 – How is working with fashion companies?

20:25 – Being a b corp is something that influences others to work with you?

22:14 – Do you think fashion companies are on the way to become B-Corp?

24:49 – How do you inspire fashion brands ?

26:54 – How do you see the future of Treedom in the next year?

Treedom: Planting Trees for a Greener Future

In an enlightening conversation with Susanna Finardi, partner and head of corporate CSR at Treedom, we gain insights into the innovative approach of this social business dedicated to planting trees globally. Treedom stands out as the first company to integrate tree planting into its business model, offering a unique way for companies and individuals to contribute to environmental sustainability and social impact.

The Essence of Treedom

Treedom’s primary mission is to plant trees worldwide, focusing on both environmental and social benefits. The company enables businesses to create their own online forests, showcasing their environmental impact transparently. This approach not only aids in carbon offsetting but also significantly contributes to social development in farming communities.

The Role of Trees in Social and Environmental Impact

Treedom emphasizes that the impact of tree planting goes beyond carbon offsetting. About 80% of the trees planted are fruit trees, providing a sustainable source of income for thousands of farmers globally. This approach not only aids in environmental restoration but also in economic empowerment.

The B Corp Certification: A Mark of Sustainability

Treedom’s decision to become a B Corp in 2014 was pivotal. This certification has enhanced their credibility and accountability, particularly in partnerships with other corporations. It represents a commitment to a holistic approach to sustainability, continuously improving and measuring their impact.

Engaging with the Fashion Industry

Treedom has successfully collaborated with major fashion brands like Timberland, Intimissimi, Gucci, and others. These partnerships focus on integrating sustainability into business models, whether through launching green product lines or engaging customers and employees in environmental initiatives. Treedom’s model makes sustainability more tangible and engaging, connecting customers directly with the impact of their purchases.

The Future of Treedom

Looking ahead, Treedom aims to expand its global presence, with plans to open offices in the United States, France, and potentially Asia. The goal is to involve more individuals and companies in tree planting, emphasizing the importance of planting the right trees in the right places. This expansion is not just about increasing numbers but also about enhancing the quality and impact of their projects.


Treedom’s innovative approach to combining tree planting with corporate social responsibility is a testament to the power of creative solutions in addressing environmental and social challenges. By making sustainability engaging and accessible, Treedom is paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future, one tree at a time.

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