“No one can lead change without a deep desire for it”

During the 10° edition of the Annual 4sustainability Event, titled “On the Road | Impact Measurement and Supply Chain Transparency”, the launch of YHub was enthusiastically announced

YHub is a new holding with a bold mission: to steer businesses towards a more responsible future.

Its commitment revolves around collecting, validating, and sharing environmental and social impact data among various industry stakeholders.

The stated goal is crystal clear: to support sustainability reporting and create Digital Product Passports to promote transparency.

YHub brings together 3 companies under one umbrella:

Process Factory Srl, a consultancy company based in Florence, renowned for creating the 4sustainability® system and brand.

The ID Factory, a company specializing in information technology, dedicated to digital solutions for traceability

Ympact, a Benefit Corporation and an innovative platform for measuring environmental and social impacts, developed to enable the widespread application of the 4sustainability framework.

Currently, YHub boasts a team of 60 professionals, a network of 40 partners, engagement with 3,000 companies, and the mapping of 80,000 suppliers in 22 different countries.

The essence of YHub lies in a collaborative ecosystem designed to provide comprehensive support to fashion brands and businesses. This support encompasses the collection of environmental and social impact data, their verification, validation, and sharing among various industry stakeholders.

The ultimate mission is to promote sustainability reporting and the creation of Digital Product Passports, placing transparency at the forefront.

Leading this new venture are three administrators who retain their positions and responsibilities within the founding companies: Francesca Rulli, Founder and CEO of Process Factory and Ympact; Cristian Iobbi and Massimo Brandellero, Co-Founders of Ympact and The ID Factory, with Brandellero also assuming the role of CEO.

“In the last two years, the market has taught us that collaboration at every level is the key to growth. The interdependence of fashion, sustainability, and technology is undeniable. Y Hub is founded on this awareness, serving as a center of expertise, method, and technology designed to address industry challenges.”: Francesca Rulli

“No one can lead change without a deep desire for it. The union of innovation, technology, and sustainability is an unprecedented opportunity for the fashion industry.” : Massimo Brandellero

For further details, visit www.yhub.life and immerse yourself in the future of sustainability and innovation.


Matteo De Angelis will be the General Manager of YHub, the first Italian holding of innovative services and digital platforms dedicated to the creation of projects for traceability and sustainability in fashion & luxury.

Matteo De Angelis leaves the position of Head of Human Sustainability & Corporate Finance at Brunello Cucinelli, a season that lasted almost 12 years. Previously, he held the role of Equity Portfolio Manager at Fideuram Asset Management Ireland.

The fashion sector – states Matteo De Angelis – today has a great opportunity: to further enhance the collaboration between brands and the production chain, in order to guarantee the contemporaneity not only of the product but also of the processes.

YHub, a company exclusively dedicated to the fashion world, has a very clear mission: to support the acceleration of the sector in creating a system while guaranteeing the quality of the data and information collected and shared externally, achieving complete traceability of the materials used. With this awareness I face this new role, strengthened by the wonderful experience just concluded and by a healthy ambition: that of accompanying the sector on a path that will certainly allow it to achieve new important goals, while at the same time strengthening the tools to protect stakeholders” .



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