Berlin Fashion Week: Yoonaverse

The Berlin Fashion Week was the first big event on the agenda for 2023. We flew to Berlin (it’s a second home for us!), ready for a rich and stimulating schedule.

photo credits – studio MM04

The first appointment was on January 17th, and we were guests of, a Multiverse SaaS Company which uses Artificial Intelligence for Digital Product Creation. sent us to the third edition of Yoonaverse, The Berlin Metaverse® and Hybrid Conference. The mission of Yoonaverse is to bridge technology solutions to fashion brands’ challenges toward a profitable industry that meets SDGS2030.

It’s an opportunity for the industry to come together and experience the limitless potential of virtual spaces for brand storytelling and customer engagement.

During Yoonaverse, there was our panel, entitled “Unlocking the Power of Technology for Traceability”, which we were more than enthusiastic about organizing with Nicolò Giusti, Director of Sourcing & Production Footwear for Tommy Hilfiger, PVH Corp group.

The partnership with Tommy Hilfiger and the presentation of our Digital Product Passport

The partnership with Tommy Hilfiger has lasted for years: we started in 2020 to help them trace materials, and after three years and millions of data and traced products, we agreed it was time to move one step further.

Yoonaverse was the perfect opportunity to finally present what we have been working on for the last few months: our Digital Product Passport.

Through the Digital Product Passport, we will allow the Tommy Hilfiger’s customers, by scanning a QR Code set on a pair of shoes, to discover the entire product chain: where the materials come from, where the components are assembled, who are the suppliers who they made up the shoe, etc.

It is also a service that supports the brand and makes known the commitment to sustainability and all the virtuous practices it carries out in the production of its products.

It is the symbol of a revolution, of a new era of companies and consumers: more attentive to the environment and the well-being of people, more active in change, and more responsible.

If you want to find out how our Digital Product Passport works and explore its features, you can play with it by clicking here.

Berlin Fashion Week: 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit

photo credits – studio MM04

On the 18th and 19th of January, we were guests of the family of the Berlin Fashion Summit, now in its fifth edition and entitled “Active Alliance for Positive Fashion”.

This edition was particularly special for us because we were able to discuss issues that mean a lot to us: traceability, transparency, and value chains.

Our Head of Sustainability, Martina Schiuma, participated on a panel entitled “The Future of Trade: Transparency in Value Chains”, along with August Bard Bringéus, Co-founder of ASKET, and Tai Ford, CMO at retraced.

You can listen all the pannel here: The Future of Trade: Transparency in Value Chains | ASKET, retraced, The ID Factory

It wasn’t the first time we took the stage of the Berlin Fashion Summit, but this time it was a special occasion, not only to witness our experience but also to compare ourselves with companies that are fighting for our same goals, such as retraced.

Discussion is always stimulating, and when you come back home, you have more questions than answers. It makes our job exciting!

Workshop: How to Avoid Greenwashing — Now and in the Future

The Berlin Fashion Week was also the right chance to listen to great minds and experts.

On the 19th of January, the day after our panel, we took the opportunity to participate in a workshop entitled “Communication, Greenwashing, Meaningful Marketing & the EU Textile Strategy”, held by Lavinia Muth, Studio MM04, and Ingo Strube, German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMUV).

The focus of the workshop was the EU anti-greenwashing plan; there was a talk about the green claim initiative, how empowering customers for the green transition directive, and a focus on what defines good data, which caught our attention.

The topic of data quality is fundamental to us, and it was nice to see how to implement it summarized in small rules.

The Three Golden Rules:

1. Do not communicate assumptions;
2. Only communicate a claim if you have reliable primary and/or secondary data;
3. If you communicate a sustainability claim for a product, take the whole product into consideration.

Berlin Fashion Summit: highlights of 5th edition

photo credits – studio MM04

Here you are the main highlights of the last Berlin Fashion Summit’s edition, that made our Berlin Fashion Week even more memorable.

18/01: Conference Day

• Hasna Kourda of Save Your Wardrobe gave her perspectives on regenerative culture and consumption. 
• Uns* LGBTQIA+ Talent Agency and Platte.Berlin were interviewed by Glamour’s Fatima Njoya about intersectional feminist leadership in Berlin’s fashion scene.
• Nicks Ericsson of UGG and Megan Meiklejohn of Land to Market spoke on implementing regenerative agriculture in leather supply chains.
• Veronica Bates Kassatly of VBK and Prof. Friederike von Wedel-Parlow of the Beneficial Design Institute discussed how to bridge bold future visions of the industry with fashion’s current realities and systems.

19/01: Community Day

• Dr. Luke Haverhals of Natural Fiber Welding opened with a community class on how the fashion industry can go plastic-free.
• Ingo Strube of the BMUV and Lavinia Muth of Studio MM04 lead a workshop on anti-greenwashing strategies, foregrounded by new EU legislation.
• Detto Fatto by Bay City and CHT Group hosted a community class to demonstrate the holistic process of developing cradle-to-cradle fashion products.
• Ulrich Plein of Grüner Knopf lead a workshop on the certification’s new level of impact.

What’s next?

photo credits – studio MM04

The Berlin Fashion Week was a wrap, definitely!

Thanks you to and The Berlin Fashion Summit team for inviting us, making us feel at home as always, and, above all, for creating opportunities for connection, experimentation, and discussion with industry experts and professionals who share our same vision.

Do you work in fashion, deal with sustainable solutions or believe that technology can help the fashion industry to become more responsible? Keep following us on the blog or LinkedIn to not miss the upcoming events.

If you want to discover the potential of the Digital Product Passport or request a demo for your company, book a meeting here.

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