Is there a connection between traceability, transparency and QR Code?

Nowadays customers need this connection between traceability and transparency in particular in the fashion industry.

The are increasingly interested in knowing where the product they intend to buy comes from and how it was made.

This is why some big brands are investing in projects to monitor all the steps in the fashion supply chain of products and to make them more accessible and transparent to their customers.

Think for example to the possibility of framing the labels with the smartphone to get information on the origin and path of the product that can be found on store shelves.

Transparency is the key which enables consumers realize what they are buying, and what kind of industry they are supporting with our purchases.

The ID Factory is a fashion supply chain software, that offers a concrete solution to achieve the secure and transparent tracking of the supply chain, in order to know every single step from the beginning.

Connection through supply chain traceability: track your product

One of the biggest challenges that brands, processors and distributors face in doing business is the requirement to track the product at every step in the production process, from seed to sale in order to create value.

 The solution, proposed by the “The ID Factory” platform, allows to provide precise data on the supply chain subjects, information such as the production lot, the history of that particular product, involving all the actors and making it possible to follow all the phases of the process in time real.

How? Traceability with QR codes plays a fundamental role, the key which regulates all mechanisms.

But how does it work specifically?

The connection between Traceability and QR Codes

In the case of the tanning sector, each supplier of a specific Brand will apply a unique QR code with no information, for each leather to be shipped.

To provide information to the codes, the latter must be activated using a special tool (manageable through an extremely intuitive application and web platform).

The control of the entire process and product quality takes place in real time and can be shared among all the players in the supply chain through a pc or smartphone.

We know that traceability has become an important topic of discussion across the world and the implementation of such a system (with the application of QR codes) requires the participation of all the players involved.

We know that it is still considered as an extra job, a waste of time, but its true essence is to create value.

Times are changing. This year alone has brought a series of unfortunate events that are, in turn, forcing the fashion industry to change for good.

Thanks to systems such as traceability with QR codes, consumers, more than ever, are plugged into the validity of the stories and values brands are marketing to them, in fact this particular system is a way in which they can verify the concrete facts.

Traceability provides transparency

Many people refer to “traceability” when they actually want transparency—and vice versa. Understanding the difference between the two is key for developing a supply chain management strategy to capture and communicate the right information.

 In fact traceability relies on transparency: without transparency, more detailed information such as batch or PO data is virtually impossible to gather.

How can you access this operational data without knowing who is in your supply chain and which of your supply chain partners collects this information?

How do you share this data without a means of getting it to the right supply chain players?

Transparency must come first before more granular, detailed information can be collected.

It is possible to be considered a transparent business and the key is traceability with QR codes.

The future is now and it’s time to change.

Do you want to deepen how the connection between traceability, transparency and QR Codes can work for you? Are you interested in try our platform? Book a quick demo now!

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